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Introducing the TappieĀ® V.I.P. ProgramĀ 

We want to partner with you as an an ambassador to give you the ability to earn cash, get exclusive access to our latest products, development tools, experiences, and connect with like-minded people.

What You Get

Free Products

As a TappieĀ® V.I.P. Member, not only do you get your own TappieĀ® for Free, but you also get exclusive access to all future products before they launch.

Money in the bank

All of our members earn 20% commission every time their code is used for a purchase and get paid consistently via PayPal.

Exclusive Access

As a Tappie V.I.P., we keep you in the loop! You'll be the first to be able to test our newest features and have beta access to our future technology.

Free Merch

Gain access to private merch and accessories only available to our team.

How it Works

1. Apply

Fill out our short V.I.P. Application so we get to know a little more about you!

2. Spread the word!

Share your discount code with friends and followers!

With your code, your followers get a 20% discount and you'll earn cash every time it's used!

3. Collect your cash.

Every time your code or link is used for a purchase, you'll earn 20% commission and get paid out via PayPal consistently.